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Artificial Intelligence
Medical imaging has seen the biggest healthcare advancements in artificial intelligence by far with mammography & lung health at the forefront of these improvements. Advanced Southern Imaging (ASI) is a cutting-edge teleradiology service that partners with the top artificial intelligence radiology vendors in the world to offer reading augmented by artificial intelligence. AI is far more than just a second look for the radiologist though. ASI offers multiple modality-specific QC tools.
Al is in our name & utilized wherever possible. Besides supporting our radiologists, Al plays an important role in aimost every aspect of patient care and will continue to evolve… will your RAD? If you’re RAD’s missing Al as a second look, why not take a second look at what they’re missing?
Densitas® Features
IntelliMammoplatform, comprisingintelliMammo-density-AI and intellimammo-Risk-AI
intello mammo by densitas

IntelliMammo™ is an advanced Al solution that supports technologists, radiologists, imaging managers, and administrators to improve overall image quality, operational efficiencies, and clinical confidence.

IntelliMammo™ densityAI™ breast density assessments eliminate the subjectivity and lack of reliability associated with visual assessment and standardize breast density reporting across entire health systems. Establishing health system-wide consistency in breast density reporting enables the development and implementation of standardized follow-up screening protocols, and identification of higher-risk women who may benefit from supplemental screening.


IntelliMammo™ riskAI™ automatically populates a patient-specific scorecard including breast cancer risk, breast density assessment results, and other key risk factors to support the identification of women at higher-risk of breast cancer who may benefit from supplemental imaging.

Mammoscreen® is a software that helps radiologists with the interpretation of screening mammograms. With MammoScreen, even experienced radiologists improve their performance, feel more confident in their decision, and find more cancers. MammoScreen is an Al-based proficiency tool working alongside radiologists. Its uniquely actionable MammoScreen Score™ allows them to quickly confirm what they suspect and detect what they may have missed. They can concentrate on the questionable cases that require further scrutiny, while reassuring women quicker otherwise.
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qXR - RAD Assist

qXR has a sensitivity and specificity equivalent to expert radiologists. It can assist radiologists by clustering their worklists into distinct buckets of ‘Normal’, ‘Abnormal’, and ‘To Be Reviewed’. It can also automate reporting with precise findings and quantification. It can be used to manage overburdened worklists, enhance reporting speed and prioritize cases that need immediate attention.

qXR - Lung Nodules


qXR - Critical care

Detailed automated reporting for pneumothorax, pleural effusions, rib fractures, and pneumoperitoneum